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A unique onboarding experience - Ahmed's story

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Meet Ahmed, Associate from our Middle East team. Ahmed joined us earlier this year and has shared the highlights of his first few months at Partners in Performance. Find out about his onboarding experience with us below... 

As a way of introduction, my name is Ahmed, and I applied to Partners in Performance late in 2018. After a very interesting interview process, I had the chance to learn, share my stories, and meet the most amazing people from the Dubai office. After hearing from one of my interviewers that “we are not here to challenge you but set you up to succeed”, I immediately knew this was the place that I wanted to be, and I started with the Dubai office in early 2019.

My first day

I truly believe that the first day at work, or school is usually an underwhelming experience. I mean, what normally happens is that you get a lot of introductory content that you will likely forget the next day, you don't know anyone else on the team, and you start to learn at a snail pace. However, at Partners in Performance my experience was quite different.

On my first day, I was given the chance to shadow Anthony, one of our Directors in the Middle East region, in a meeting full of Arabic speakers (none of whom realised that I also spoke the language). One of the speakers, speaking in Arabic, was discussing whether to accept the proposal of an engagement. It was a daunting moment for me,  as one of my previous roles was to evaluate proposals from other management consulting firms, and now I found myself on the other side of the discussion. Having this experience on my first day gave me a great appreciation of how Partners in Performance creates a culture of empowerment that allows each employee to truly thrive. As a result, my first day was an incredibly enjoyable experience and I knew that it would be the right place for me to belong.

Our growing Middle East team!

Balancing work with my passions

Before or after work, I enjoy swimming competitively and my speciality is in sprint 50m and 100m Freestyle and Butterfly. Why swimming? Well, it is the perfect sport for the summer heat in the Middle East!

Ahmed Abushomi - swimming 1-1

A glimpse of my swimming career

The other two things that keep me busy outside of work is my Australian cockatiel that wakes up and shouts whenever a stranger comes by, and an African grey parrot that speaks to tell us who has arrived. Along with the fact that I grew up in the Middle East, but residing in the UK for the past seven years prior to relocating to Dubai, I (and my birds) definitely fit in with the company's geographical span.

Ahmed Abushomi - cockatiel  Ahmed Abushomi - grey parrot

My two very vocal birds


I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my colleagues in the Middle East and North Africa region for making my first few months at Partners in Performance a great experience – especially the Dubai office for their continuous support, the nice herbal tea and the daily mentorship.


A group photo at our recent UP Day - which stands for 'Unleashing Potential'


Team building at  UP Day (I'm on the far right)

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