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Women at Partners in Performance – five minutes with Lucy, Alexandra and Rasha

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We recently caught up with some of our female consultants from our Europe and Middle East regions, to find out what they enjoy most about consulting and their advice for new graduates considering a career with Partners in Performance. Read on to get to know Lucy, Alexandra and Rasha…


Alexandra, Associate Principal

Alexandra has 20 years’ experience in operational improvement, including 18 years as a consultant at McKinsey and Company. Alexandra joined Partners in Performance in January 2019, and has worked with a number of industries across MENA and now, Europe. Learn more about Alexandra’s journey…

Alexandra Lallement shirt

What have you learned in almost two decades as a woman in consulting?

From my perspective, the challenge is not about being a female, it is around motherhood and cultural expectations. With my science background, I have worked in male-dominated environments ever since I started to study. In my experience in Europe, Asia and now the Middle East and Africa, I have never found being female to be an issue. On the contrary, on many occasions I felt it was an advantage.

In the past 30 years, I remember only a handful of gender-related embarrassing situations, mostly involving a lack of awareness – which quickly vanishes as soon as you start bringing value to the team. My learning is that pregnancy and assumed mother-childcare both need to be carefully managed if you want to limit the impact on your career. It’s also worth connecting with other women in similar circumstances to share experiences and get motivated to do the extra networking, communication, or self-marketing to compensate for the natural slowdown. I will certainly encourage my two teenage daughters to do so. 

What do you enjoy most about working at Partners in Performance? 

The entrepreneurial environment and the flexibility of starting in the Middle East (where I was already based) before the family could move to Europe were both very strong positive aspects. My team has also been very supportive, particularly in helping me build my network at the firm. They connected me to other female colleagues in our Middle East and Europe operations – people I could reach out to for advice on everything from dress code to expected behaviours in the region.

What is your advice for the next generation of women considering a career in consulting?

Do it because you like it, and know why you like it. If you have that, you can accept the potential compromises and challenges. And don’t be hesitant or afraid to ask for help in order to anticipate and minimise the potential compromises.


Lucy, Senior Associate

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After completing her MBA at University of Oxford in 2018, Lucy joined our team in Europe at Partners in Performance. Read on to get to know more about Lucy...

What do you enjoy most about working at Partners in Performance?

My colleagues! I love the fact that I am challenged daily by my peers to be my best. We are all from such a diverse array of cultures and backgrounds, and everyone has something unique and special to bring to the table.

We have a great group of people within the Europe team. It’s a small team with a start-up vibe and I think that really helps as a new starter to integrate with the team. Every day, I feel like I’m helping shape the culture and contributing to the success of the firm.

What would you say to new graduates considering a career with Partners in Performance?

Post MBA, I wanted a career that would allow me to apply everything I’d learned in the real-world and consulting provided that opportunity. With my operations background, Partners in Performance specifically captured my attention with their focus on implementation and delivering practical results to clients.

Every engagement has been an opportunity to demonstrate my abilities to deliver and grow into my next role. In my time with Partners in Performance so far, I have supported some amazing projects in various industries across Europe. Recent engagements I’ve worked on have ranged from project rescue, to construction productivity, to feasibility studies.

I’ve had meaningful discussions with C-suite executives who are genuinely interested in what I have to say, and I’ve seen my ideas come to life and flourish.

What is your advice for the next generation of women considering a career in consulting?

It’s a great environment to challenge yourself – if you are willing to learn, the sky is the limit.


Rasha, Manager

0Rasha recently joined Partners in Performance as a Manager in the Middle East region. She shares her career highlights and provides a glimpse of her life with us below...

What do you enjoy most about working at Partners in Performance?

I have worked with multiple consulting firms in the past, and I think what is special about Partners in Performance is the quality and behaviour of our people. I find my colleagues smart, capable, yet authentic and down to earth. They're all really easy going, and I love spending my time at work, and after work with them.  

What has been the most exciting engagement you’ve worked on so far?

I worked on an engagement to help our clients define a tourism strategy for their target markets. We visited many heritage sites, worked with both international and local experts, and learned the many methods available in creating destination plans for our target markets. In a way, it was very interesting to me as I feel like I learned all the best places to go in the city we were in - already planning my next holiday trip!

What would you say to new graduates considering a career with Partners in Performance?

Partners in Performance has hands-down the best culture across management consulting firms in the region – and that’s what matters for sustainability in a consulting career.


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