No Harm

It’s about building a culture of correct attitudes and disciplines, empowering people to prevent hazards and to mitigate risk.

No Harm

How we work

We strive towards no harm in all that we do, it's more than just following rules, it’s one of our values at Partners in Performance and it is about building a culture of correct attitudes and disciplines, empowering people to prevent hazards and to mitigate risk.

No Harm is ‘hard wired’ into what we do. Whether at home or at work, we live ‘No Harm’ and have a track record of helping others do the same. Further, we recognise we must continue to lead by example, particularly when it comes to the journey toward no harm with regard to safety, the environment and our people. In this regard, safety shares, walking the talk, coaching, having the courage to call people up on unsafe acts or conditions are all part of our philosophy and part of each of our daily lives, whether on a client site, in the office, or at home.

We understand that we have an obligation to protect not only ourselves, but also those around us and the environment in which we live. No harm is the only defensible goal, and every day, we strive to achieve that goal. Through a relentless journey which builds awareness and systematically makes things better by eliminating unnecessary risks, we will improve our world.

This flows directly into the work that we do on client sites, both explicitly and implicitly.

Partners in Performance Safety Share App

We at Partners in Performance strive towards building a "No Harm", safety-conscious culture which allows us to be safer and more productive, every day. To help us on this journey, we decided to help our people, and our clients, using some simple, helpful tools that can be used to improve our knowledge and our focus on safety-related matters. 


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